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4 Ways To Work With Athletes

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While not all of us can be endowed with the physical endurance and strength to become a famous athlete, it doesn’t mean that an individual can’t still work with or around sports superstars.

There are many careers within the sports industry for those with a sports management degree in North Carolina. If you have a degree in sports management and wonder what type of job you can get working with athletes, consider the following guide to determine the right career path for your specialized skills.

# 1
– Become A Sports Masseuse or Trainer

Working as a sports masseuse or trainer is one of the best careers you can have if you are interested in working with athletes. Typical daily duties for those working in this career path include:

·    stretching and massaging muscles

·    performing medical treatment

·    administering intravenous therapies

·    applying hot or cold compresses

·    facilitating rehabilitation programs

·    supporting athletes in preventing injuries

Employment opportunities for sports masseuses are pretty plentiful and range from being employed by professional teams to working at health clubs, spas, and general hospitals.

# 2
– Become A Sports Agent

Many people are familiar with the Hollywood movie ‘Jerry Maguire’ starring Tom Cruise. In the film, Jerry McGuire was a sports agent for professional football players. Just like Mr. Maguire, individuals familiar with the business aspect of the sports industry can have a very successful career managing athletes as sports agents.

# 3
– Be A Sports Media/Journalist

If you enjoy watching sports and commenting or critiquing the players and teams, then a sports journalist or commentator career is an ideal career choice.

Some popular career specialties for sports journalists and commentators include:

·    Sports Editor

·    Blogger

·    Assistant Sports Agent (for college athletes)

·    Sports analyst for a television network

sports management degree in North Carolina

Employment opportunities in this career field are available with professional teams, major sports networks, and newspaper publications.

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